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Maximum whitening result with minimal sensitivity? That is the Cavex Bite&White In-Office System. The whitening gel is based on revolutionary Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology, which achieves unprecedented whitening results with 25% hydrogen peroxide. Using the extremely quick and effective HPS gel, the maximum whitening result is achieved in just two or three sessions!

Cavex’s exclusive In-Office whitening system is the only system that applies whitening gel with a brush, facilitating maximum control during application. The Whitening Barrier/Spacer protects the surrounding soft tissue and all areas that are not to be whitened.

Due to the unique composition of the HPS gel, the hydrogen peroxide works faster and more effectively, so that the maximum whitening result is achieved after just two or three treatments. This saves time for the dentist and decreases the risk of sensitivity for the patient, as sensitivity increases the more often a treatment is repeated.

- Very stable and can be stored at room temperature.
- pH neutral and with 25% concentration is less likely to cause sensitivity.
- Quick and easy to apply with the brush pen.
- Barrier hardens so it can be peeled off easily in one piece.

The Cavex Whitening Starter Kit includes:
2 x Whitening Brush-on Pens and 1 x Gingival Barrier syringe - enough for 2 in-office patient whitening sessions.
Plus 5 applicator tips for Gingival Barrier syringe.