• NZDHA/NZDOHTA Annual Conference

    NZDHA/NZDOHTA Annual Conference

    Date: 30-04-2021
    After a year of Covid-19 ‘lockdowns’ and Zoom webinars in 2020, and with three highly-successful combined NZDOHTA/NZDHA conferences in the past, the Associations are coming together yet again in 2021, this time at the Dunedin Town Hall.


    Date: 26-02-2021
    Lollipops without sugar, but with a dental function! Cavex Healthypops are available in Cherry, Orange and Mint flavors, each with an effective ingredient against dry mouth or halitosis.
  • REACH Toothpaste

    REACH Toothpaste

    Date: 26-02-2021
    Reach natural antibacterial protection toothpaste uses natural magnolia extract to safely kill harmful bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, plaque and tartar. It also promotes healthy gums and contains fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. Free from triclosan, parabens, sugar and preservatives.
  • Bite & White In Office Whitening

    Bite & White In Office Whitening

    Date: 29-09-2020
    For maximum whitening results with minimal sensitivity, Cavex has developed the "Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System". The whitening gel is based on the revolutionary Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology, which achieves unprecedented whitening results with 25% hydrogen peroxide.
  • PalaXtreme – High-impact, self-curing acrylic for every indication.

    PalaXtreme – High-impact, self-curing acrylic for every indication.

    Date: 29-09-2020
    With PalaXtreme you get high-impact strength, excellent handling characteristics and allergy friendliness. The “core shell technology” minimises the risk of fractures. This high-impact, self-curing denture acrylic offers labs great flexibility and it is just as easy to use as – or even easier than – conventional autopolymerising materials, whether you prefer the pouring or the injection technique. The acrylic also minimises the risk of allergies for users and patients – proving that it is both strong and gentle at the same time.
  • CocoLux Mobile Dental Photography Light

    CocoLux Mobile Dental Photography Light

    Date: 31-01-2020
    COCO Lux® is the mobile dental photography solution to support the users with mobile friendly settings for the accurate information of their dental pictures and for the immediate sharing of the result and interaction with co-working partnerships.