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Cavex Healthypops are the first sugar-free lollipops with a dental function! Cavex Healthypops are available in cherry, orange and mint flavors, each of which contains an effective ingredient to moisturize a dry mouth or to support fresh breath. In the dental office, Cavex Healthypops are the ideal way to discuss bad breath and xerostomia and to help patients with oral care.

Cavex Healthypops are free from sugar, gluten, dairy products, soy, nuts, added flavors and therefore safe for diabetics.

Cavex Healthypops are individually wrapped and packed in resealable foil bag (per 60 pieces) to ensure the quality and taste of the product.

Available in 3 flavours:
- Cherry with vitamins to moisten the mouth
- Orange with antibacterial root extract for fresh breath
- Mint with antibacterial minerals for fresh breath