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COCO Lux® is the mobile dental photography solution to support the users with mobile friendly settings for the accurate information of their dental pictures and for the immediate sharing of the result and interaction with co-working partnerships.

Just attach COCO Lux® onto the smartphone - and you are ready to go for pictures. COCO Lux® is compatible with smartphones which are 55 - 89mm wide and is able to change its position according to different camera location of each phone and it even fits phones with case.*
* Flip case may require removal of its cover to use this solution.

COCO Lux® hires LED light source that is the closest to natural daylight: 5,500K colour temperature (white) and over 90Ra colour rendering index. Polarizer is also bundled for the effective reflection management.

As COCO Lux® supports both twin flash mode and ring flash mode, every user may make use of it for a number of different purposes such as taking shade, clinical case pictures, model work photograph, video, etc. Lighting part of COCO Lux® is rotatable in 90° range for twin flash mode both vertically and horizontally.

Plus, either pair of the lighting part is movable separately. Use your imagination and creativity to discover unprecedented images and quality from COCO Lux®.