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Memosil 2 Bite Registration 2x 50ML

Bite Registration Material

A transparent A-silicone for special indications.  Its transparency allows optical control when positioning aids (eg x-ray measuring sphere).  Light-curing is possible for filling and fixative materials through placeholders with Memosil® 2.


- Very high final hardness of Shore D 40
- Easy to trim and gring
- Distinct thixotrophy
- Whipped cream like consistency
- Extremely fast - setting time of 1:00 minute
- Scannability for powder-free 3D data recording

                              Memosil 2 Bite Registration
Sold as 2 x 50ml cartridge + 12 x green mixing tips

(Mixing tips also available seperately)




Orthoskavident C Cleaner

For a cleaner, better impression

Orthoskavident C is an application liquid for cleaning and drying prepared cavities and teeth. It can be used for all external applications in the dental practice that require a clean, grease-free surface, e.g. removing the smear layer on the surface of prepared teeth before fitting fixed restorations or placing fillings, replacement or repair of a damaged veneer intraorally, sealing of teeth, bonding brackets in orthodontics etc.



- Easy to use

- Can be dispensed according to requirements

- Has a flexible curing time 

                                   Kettenbach Orthoskavident

Sold as 1 x 150ml bottle






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