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Current mailer - October/November 2018

Oraltec are very excited to celebrate the change of season by having some amazing spring specials on everyone’s favourite products.

Oraltec are proud to introduce our NEW extended range of Caredent oral care products in this Oraline.  The products available range from floss, PTFE tape, interdental brushes and toothbrushes! Make sure you check out the Oraline insert for more information or ask your Oraltec representative for samples!

Kerr has some amazing offers available in this Oraline. Harmonize is one of our most popular composites and to celebrate we are offering a special deal of buy 2 get 2 of the same FREE! Take a look at page 7 of the Oraline for more amazing Kerr specials available.

LM has introduced a new set of Servo E Cassettes. These cassettes are equipped with safety shields for added protection and allow the instrument handles to be easily visible for identification of cassette contents.

To celebrate the change of season we currently have a PDS Spring Sale on page 5 of the Oraline. Save on now whitening kits + refills, chlorofluor gels, periopacks, tooth rescue kits and more!

Make sure you check out page 11 and 14 of the Oraline for selected specials on a range of Kulzer products. To celebrate the re-introduction of Kulzer products we have 10% off intro price!

We have some very good deals on our SonoSwiss Ultrasonic Cleaners! Check out page 16 of the Oraline for more information and ask you representative for a quote!

These are just a few of our great deals available but make sure you have a look at the other great offers on Young, Kettenbach Impression Materials, Cavex Alginate and more!

Oraline_ Oraltec Mailer

October/November 2018 Oraline

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