NiTinol Sectional Matrix System

    The NiTin Sectional Matrix System is clean, simple and a true work-horse.

    - Separator rings that last. Made from drawn Nitinol wire, NiTin rings last longer.
    You want your separator ring to separate the teeth the same way after 100 uses as it did when it was brand new. Drawn-wire Nitinol does the job better than regular nickel-titanium or stainless steel. Nothing else comes close.

    - Matrix bands that get the job done.
    Ideal anatomy built in, dead-soft, ultra-thin and the sizes you need. And you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for them.

    - Wedges that, well, wedge.
    The wedge anatomy matches the band anatomy that matches the tooth anatomy.

    - Clinical performance.
    You’ll get consistently tight contacts with a snug gingival seal for anatomically correct restorations.

    Includes 1 instrument - Ring Placement Forceps

    NiTin Ring Placement Forceps have been designed specifically for the NiTin rings. They grasp the rings securely and provide plenty of force to open the rings.

    Other system items are available in a kit or sold individually:
    - NiTin Complete Kit
    - Molar rings
    - PreMolar rings
    - Bands (available in 5 sizes, see below)
    - Wedges (available in 4 sizes or as a kit, see below)
    - Ring Placement Forceps
    - Band Placement Forceps

    Band options:
    - Premolar, 4.6mm (packet of 50)
    - Premolar w/ext, 3.8mm (packet of 25)
    - Molar, 5.4mm (packet of 50)
    - Tall Molar, 6.4mm (packet of 50)
    - Tall Molar w/ext, 6.4mm (packet of 25)

    Wedge options:
    - Wedge refill, yellow/extra small (packet of 100)
    - Wedge refill, blue/small (packet of 100)
    - Wedge refill, orange/medium (packet of 100)
    - Wedge refill, green/large (packet of 100)
    - Wedge Kit (packet of 400 ie 100 of each size)

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