With Giroform Die Link, AmannGirrbach presents a series of air-drying die varnishes which, for the first time ever, contain innovative chemical primer components as well as nano particles.

    These new ingredients ensure excellent bonding of Giroform Die Link to dental plasters or stones and provide smooth and scratch resistant surfaces of the die varnishes optimised for dental technology.

    The super thixotropic consistency of Giroform Die Link guarantees an even, homogeneous layer thickness.

    Available in 5 colours and in 5 different layer thicknesses (between 0 µm - hardener - and 20 µm)

    - High bond strength to the die thanks to primer technology
    - No flaking off during steam cleaning
    - The smooth, homogeneous surface allows easy removal of the wax modellation
    - Thanks to the high scratch resistency, the surface is almost undamageable
    - The super thixotropic behaviour of Giroform Die Link allows to evenly apply the varnishes all over the die
    - No multiple applications on the edges
    - No drop formation

    Supplied as a 15ml bottle

    Also available:
    AM782110 Giroform Die Link Hardener 150ml (0 µm)
    AM782111 Giroform Die Link Hardener clean 15ml (0 µm)
    AM782120 Giroform Die Link blue 15ml (20 µm)
    AM782130 Giroform Die Link grey 15ml (20µm)
    AM782140 Giroform Die Link gold 15ml (15µm)
    AM782150 Giroform Die Link silver 15ml (13 µm)
    AM782160 Giroform Die Link red 15ml (8 µm)
    AM782170 Giroform Die Link Thinner

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