Cavex Fresh4Sure – Breathe Freshness

    Cavex Fresh4Sure (F4S) is a unique 3-step mouth care system which helps to restore the balance betweenbeneficial and problem bacteria in a natural manner. This creates a healthy oral environment as well as a fresh oral odour. The Fresh4Sure system consists of a Tongue Cleaner, Mouthwash and Tongue Gel.

    Fresh4Sure Tongue Cleaner - Clean

    Generally, most of the bacteria that produce sulphurous gases are found on the tongue. Fresh4Sure Tongue Cleaner cleans the tongue thoroughly, meaning that the numbers of bacteria which cause bad breath can be significantly reduced thanks to the frequent removal of the biofilm on the tongue.

    Fresh4Sure Mouthwash - Reduce

    Rinsing and gargling for 30 seconds with Fresh4Sure Mouthwash ensures that the numbers of problem bacteria are reduced even further. Fresh4Sure Mouthwash does not foam! Thanks to the addition of something we call bio-adhesive, the mouthwash has a slightly treacly consistency, so it can adhere exceptionally well to the inside of the mouth. This prolongs the efficiency of the treatment as well as considerably improving its effectiveness.

    The active ingredients of Fresh4Sure Mouthwash are zinc salts. These actively kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, but don’t interfere with the beneficial bacteria, resulting in the neutralisation of unpleasant oral odour. Fresh4Sure Mouthwash also has the effect of keeping the mouth pleasantly moist, as well as ensuring long-lasting fresh breath.

    Fresh4Sure Tongue Gel - Control

    Fresh4Sure Tongue Gel inhibits the growth of the problem bacteria. Thanks to the use of MEL supplement, an antibacterial component extracted from Manuka honey, the growth of these bacteria is slowed down dramatically by a natural biological process. By applying Fresh4Sure Tongue Gel several times a day you can prevent the multiplication of sulphur producing bacteria and make sure that your breath stays fresh. Using the Fresh4Sure System every day will restore the natural balance in the mouth, giving you the confidence of fresh breath – always. Fresh4Sure – breathe freshness!
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